As a global company backed by decades of experience, we provide reliable, innovative packaging systems, including solutions aimed at solving your sustainability and e-commerce needs.

We are TriMas Packaging

TriMas Packaging consists of a group of well-established packaging brands supported by talented teams with diverse experiences, backgrounds and expertise from around the world. Together, and backed by our parent company, TriMas, we bring you solutions and competencies to meet your current and future needs.

Our rich history goes back 100 years, yet we never cease to look toward the future. That is why we have, and will, continue to acquire businesses that can further strengthen our expertise, expand our customer base and broaden our product range. By aggregating our businesses into a global group, we can provide winning propositions for our customers, employees and key stakeholders. Our combined histories, people and brands make us unique and more powerful together, as your global packaging partner.

TriMas Packaging expert team developing innovative dispensing systems

We care beyond Packaging

Caring is rooted in our values and is a core part of who we are as a company. Respect, integrity, passion, commitment and competence start with our people and extend to our products and processes, our customers, our communities and the environment. We recognize our responsibility to ensure a better planet for future generations.

We care about building value for our Customers

Our goal as a global organization is to provide an exclusive and unique experience for our customers built on trust. We leverage our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, advanced technologies and innovative products to deliver competitive advantages to our customers. Our unified global network strives to provide exceptional levels of innovation, speed to market, quality, delivery and customer service.

We care about our People

We believe our talented and dedicated global team is the foundation of our success. We value the cultures, backgrounds and unique qualities of all of our employees and encourage collaboration to drive innovation and performance. We continually prioritize the development of an inclusive and diverse workplace focused on employee respect, safety, talent development and training, and employee engagement.

We care about Operational Excellence and Innovation

We embrace the tools of Kaizen and foster a culture of employee engagement to drive continuous improvement in our products and manufacturing processes, as well as flawless execution of new launches. We are committed to outstanding product design and providing customers with quality products that meet or exceed their needs and expectations, striving for operational excellence in all we do.

We care about Sustainability

Working toward a more sustainable tomorrow for our customers, our communities, our businesses and our planet is at the heart of what we do. Sustainability means continuously enhancing our products and improving our processes to reduce energy consumption, waste and materials. We are addressing customer, as well as regulatory, expectations for sustainable product offerings, while we work collaboratively on initiatives such as sustainable resins, 100% recyclability and multi-use products.

Years of Experience

our family of brands

Rieke Packaging is part of TriMas Packaging Group


With more than 100 years of experience in the packaging industry, Rieke is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialty dispensing and closure systems for a wide range of markets, including beauty & personal care, food & beverage, home care, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical, and industrial.

Rieke’s mission is to protect and enhance your brand by providing high-quality packaging solutions that withstand challenging fulfillment channels, enhance sustainability and are resistant to tampering, damages, leakage, children and counterfeiting. With years of product know-how, consumer insights, technological advancements and manufacturing expertise, Rieke provides innovative and customizable solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs.

With manufacturing sites around the world, Rieke’s product offering includes dispenser pumps (foamers, airless, lotion, treatment), sprayers (triggers, fine mist, perfume), caps and closures (aseptic beverage caps, food caps, flip top, push-pull, child-resistant, jar and pail closures), as well as a variety of related industrial products (drum closures, caps and spouts). Rieke also specializes in products to meet customer’s e-commerce and sustainability needs. Some of Rieke’s key products include the Flexspout®, VISEGRIP® and TaperStack™ closures, as well as the Mono™-2e, the first fully-recyclable single polymer dispensing pump on the market.

Affaba & Ferrari is part of TriMas Packaging Group

Affaba & Ferrari™

For more than 70 years, Affaba & Ferrari has led the way in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge caps and closures used in food & beverage, agrochemical and industrial applications.

Acquired in 2020, Affaba & Ferrari continuously invests in developing innovative solutions, advanced technology and production processes, while keeping sustainability in mind. Affaba & Ferrari’s innovative product offering includes aseptic and tethered caps for juices, dairy products and sport isotonic/energy drinks, as well as tamper-evident and child-resistant caps and closures, flex spouts and more.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Italy, Affaba & Ferrari uses the latest technologies and lubricant-free power saving machinery to meet sustainability demands and reduce CO2 emissions. Affaba & Ferrari’s highly-qualified engineers focus on reducing plastic consumption, and the disposal and recycling of raw materials and scrap to comply with even the most stringent regulations.

Taplast beauty dispensing systems is part of TriMas Packaging Group


For more than 45 years, Taplast has been recognized as a global innovator and manufacturer in the dispensing and closure packaging space for the beauty & personal care, home care and food markets.

Acquired in 2019, Taplast has commercialized several award-winning products targeted to provide commercial solutions and end user benefits in aesthetics, feel, safety and e-commerce delivery. Taplast’s innovative product offering includes dispensers, foamers, single and multi-body caps, child-resistant caps, jars, specialty coffee dispensing pods and their well-known AllPlastic dispensing pump with patented bellows technology. Additional key products include the Soffio, AllPlastic sprayer and the Rapida, a pump with a foldable nozzle.

With manufacturing sites in Italy and Slovakia, Taplast leverages its deep commitment to engineering and innovation to bring out the optimum in aesthetics and functionality by turning standard products into amazing products that standout.

Rapack is part of TriMas Packaging Group


For more than 30 years, Rapak has been a leading supplier of high-quality flexible bags, dispensing fitments and state-of-the-art filling equipment for bag-in-box packaging applications and commercial dispensing systems.

Acquired in 2020, Rapak’s mission is to help customers recognize the commercial, logistical and sustainable advantages of bag-in-box flexible packaging for the beverage, liquid food and non-food industries.

With manufacturing sites in the United States, Rapak’s product offering includes standard bags in a wide range of films and sizes, user-friendly dispensing taps, fitments and connectors, as well as the Autokap™ line of semi-automatic and fully-automatic filling machines. Rapak’s reliable and high-productivity filling machines are designed to hot fill and cold fill a wide range of fresh, extended shelf life (ESL) and sensitive liquid products. Key products developed over the years include the PCSS bag fitment, PCSS+ line side connector, Mustang™ front push dispensing tap and the DuraBev™ embossed laminate film technology for beverage bags.

Plastic Solutions is part of TriMas Packaging Group

Plastic Srl

For more than 70 years, Plastic has been a leading designer and manufacturer of single-bodied and assembled caps and closures, primarily for the home care market.

Acquired in 2019 with a manufacturing site in Italy, Plastic has more than 100 closure product designs, including several patented systems for home care product applications, such as laundry and household cleaning products. Other products include push-pull, dosing, pouring, flip top, child-resistant and stain-remover closures, as well as closures intended for refill applications and pouches. Plastic’s unique flexibility for custom products provides a competitive advantage in the industry.

Global Locations

we elevate product capabilities to new heights

Our value-added products are designed to enhance our global customers’ ability to dispense, transport and store their products in an ever-changing marketplace.


We are a global leader in dispensing solutions that transform the user experience and protect the integrity of your liquids and viscous products. Our dispensing products include pumps (foamers, airless, lotion and treatment) and sprayers (triggers, fine mist and perfume), among others. We also have a full line of lock-down dispensers suitable for the e-commerce channel, which pass Amazon’s stringent ISTA-6 performance criteria.


We protect our customers’ brands and reputations with a wide range of tamper evident and child-resistant caps and closures which include aseptic beverage caps, packaged food lids, flip top, push-pull, jar and pail closures, and a variety of industrial related products, such as drum closures.

Flexible bags and pouches with valve for liquids


Our mission is to help customers deliver the ideal liquid packaging solution that suits your product, industry, process and sustainability goals. We supply flexible bags, taps, fitments and filling equipment for bag-in-box packaging applications and commercial dispensing systems.

Custom Solutions

In addition to our innovative product solutions, we can also leverage our unique sourcing and supply expertise to find the right quality solutions for all your brand’s needs. Our dedicated teams can also help turn your concepts into reality. From custom molding to rapid prototyping and low volume production, we can help test, prove out and scale-up your concepts to improve your time to market.

Additional Product Solutions

We also specialize in precision injection molded components, tooling and advanced manufacturing capabilities for products used in medical and health-related applications in our TriMas Life Sciences Group.

Our Markets

We have experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing products for a wide range of markets. We work closely with our customers to design the perfect solution for every packaging need—whether you want to increase on-shelf presence, prevent product leakage or tampering, improve consumer experience or you simply want a more environmentally-friendly solution.

Beauty & personal care dispensing systems

Beauty & Personal Care

Our high-quality innovative and custom dispensing and closure solutions for skincare, cleansing products, cosmetics and fragrances are sophisticated in design and will dispense your product easily and accurately while providing a pleasing experience for your customers.

Food & beverage dispensing solutions

Food & Beverage

Whether for consumer purchase or for use in restaurants, our food & beverage caps, scoops, dispensing pumps and bag-in-box solutions are FDA-approved and specially designed to protect your products from contamination, while improving everyday life for your consumers.

Homecare caps closures

Home Care

From surface and window cleaners to detergent and gardening products, our solutions for the home care market offer style, control and convenience for consumers at-home.

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

We work closely with our customers to ensure our solutions for life-changing medications, dietary additives and pharmaceutical products are manufactured in safe and hygienic conditions.

Closures and plugs for industrial market


From paints and coatings to automotive, agricultural products or industrial drums, our caps, closures and dispensers keep your potentially dangerous chemicals secure for a safe and controlled experience.

Our core values are Integrity, Customer-focused, Teamwork, Results-driven and Continuous Improvement.

contributing to a sustainable future

Our Commitment

As a global Company, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for our customers, businesses and communities. In pursuit of a circular economy, we strive to:

Innovate packaging that is recyclable

or contains post-consumer resin (PCR)

Operate safely and responsibly

in the communities where our facilities are located

Reduce our energy and water consumption, carbon emissions,

waste and materials in our processes with investments and optimizations

Incorporate renewable energy consumption,

where possible

Support communities

with local initiatives

To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, please read the TriMas 2021 Sustainability Report, which outlines our commitment toward responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, and highlights the comprehensive sustainability initiatives implemented across our global operations.

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